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For the transport of powdered bulk and other media such as: wood chips, pellets, cereals, sea salt, stones, ash, calcite fillers and other industrial media, we produce:

Vertical elevators - designed for the transport of bulk materials in the vertical direction:

The performance of elevators is:

    • Ordinary design (with rubber band or chain)
    • Performance for the food industry
    • Special design (for the purpose of use in abrasive and other aggressive spheres)

Conveyor belts - conveyor belts are used where it is necessary to transfer a certain quantity of material to a certain distance.

They are intended for the transport of bulk materials as well as the remaining materials, individual parts or packages.

Conveyor belts can be made as follows:

    • Straight horizontal design
    • Oblique design
    • S –performance
    • Open or closed variant


Transport worms - used for transporting many bulk materials of different granulations. They can be used for the transport of material in a horizontal or inclined position.


Conveyor belts:

    • Trough performance
    • Pipe design

We manufacture them from materials:

    • Plain construction sheet
    • Stainless steel sheet (stainless steel)
    • Anticorrosion plate (hardox, nickel)