KIM kovinsko podjetje d.o.o. Is located in the industrial zone of Leskovec, on the city road in Krško only a few kilometers away from the Ljubljana - Zagreb motorway connection.


With high-tech equipment, trained personnel, and many years of experience within our production lines, we follow the trend of providing comprehensive solutions from conceptual design to finishing products complying with high standards and requirements of today's time.


KIM was founded in 1990. It developed, however, from the smaller craft of KTV - Plumbing Turk Valentin, whose business tradition dates back to 1979. Over the years, the company has gained extensive experience in various industries within the metal processing industry.

Over the years, the company increased the number of employees, and increased and modernized its production facilities. In 2004, the company moved to a new location in a new own business-production facility.


The main goal of the company is to constantly improve the quality of products and services, the total satisfaction of our customers, to ensure continuous controlled growth of the company and employee satisfaction.


Our business and production facility extends over 3500 m2:

    • 1300 m2 of production areas
    • 480 m2 of administrative and business premises
    • 1650 m2 of manipulative surfaces