Industrial equipment covers various elements in the process industry. These can be various pneumatic or motorized closures, cocks, switching pallets palletizers, scrapping devices separators in the industry of powdery materials, cellular closures in transport technology, mixers, incinerators, heat exchangers, magnetic separators and the like.

According to customer requirements, we design and manufacture, install and service a wide range of industrial equipment for industrial industries, such as:

    • Industry of insulation materials
    • Paper industry
    • Food industry
    • Wood processing industry
    • Building materials industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry


Industry of insulation materials

    • Stockpiles of raw materials
    • Devices for dosing raw materials
    • Combustion chambers
    • Heat exchangers
    • Pipe connections
    • Spare parts for hardware

Paper industry

    • Stainless containers for technological substances
    • Pipe connections in vacuum
    • System
    • Overhaul

Food industry

    • Transport equipment
    • Storage equipment

Packing lines and wood processing industry

    • Dusting systems
    • Transport and storage equipment

Building materials industry

    • Dusting systems
    • Equipment this transport and storage

For these industries we offer:

    • Fast-responsive and quality service equipment
    • Overhaul works